Alfamart Star Wars Program New Services – Get Medals

Watching movies is a very fun hobby. Many people like this hobby because they really like the new and unique stories from these films. Alfamart again always understands what we need. Until the emergence of a new Alfamart program, namely the Alfamart Star Wars program.

The services available at Alfamart are not only services for purchasing daily necessities, but also for the Star Wars medal promo service. This medal is the target of Star Wars movie buffs. Star Wars lovers will definitely storm Alfamart ‘s Star Wars program.

Movie buffs will also like to collect a collection of items related to the movies they like. The same goes for Star Wars fans. The medals they collect will become a very important collection of valuables.

Alfamart ‘s Star Wars program will take place in December 2016 as one of a series of year-end promos organized by Alfamart. This program can be followed by anyone because the way to get Star Wars medals is very easy.

It’s not just Star Wars movie buffs who can collect Star Wars medals. Everyone who shopped at Alfamart can get it. The trick is to shop at Alfamart up to a total of Rp. 30,000,-, then we can redeem Star Wars medals for only Rp. 5,000.

The benefits of shopping at Alfamart in Alfamart ‘s Star Wars program are also double. Besides getting a Star Wars medal, we will also have the opportunity to get a shopping voucher for IDR 5,000,000. The benefits are extraordinary when we entrust Alfamart to meet our daily needs.

Alfamart’s Star Wars program will also provide an opportunity for Alfamart customers to get vouchers to watch Star Wars movies for the month of December 2016. We will not miss this latest action film if we are diligent in collecting shopping points at Alfamart.

The public’s enthusiasm for watching the Star Wars film “Rogue One” is very large, so the tickets will definitely run out quickly. Don’t let us run out of tickets to watch this Star Wars movie.

By joining Alfamart ‘s Star Wars program, it is certain that we will not miss watching this phenomenal latest film. Getting tickets in an easy way, of course, will not be difficult. Everyone has the same opportunity.

Alfamart ‘s Star Wars program will only last until December 15, 2016, only. Don’t just miss it. Always loyal to shopping at Alfamart is one of the important points that can be done. Because who knows, there will be an impromptu promo that will lead us to the luck of getting ticket vouchers to watch Star Wars for free.

Especially if we are already a member of Alfamart. It will be easier for us to get the bonuses because we have access to up-to-date information every day about the promos that apply at Alfamart.

Alfamart always knows what we want, so it is certain that we have nothing to lose by always shopping at Alfamart. Because Alfamart is always up to date providing the latest promos according to the circumstances of its consumers. Like the existence of Alfamart ‘s Star Wars program, which was made in accordance with the incessant release of the Star Wars film, where many people were very enthusiastic to become spectators at the premiere of the film.

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