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Austway: Your Trusted Global Freight Forwarder from China

In the dynamic world of global logistics, finding a reliable partner can make all the difference. Austway stands out as a premier global freight forwarder, providing a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet diverse needs. Whether you’re looking for a freight forwarder from China or need intricate logistics solutions, Austway ensures seamless and efficient operations.

Comprehensive Freight Forwarding Services

Austway’s extensive service portfolio covers every aspect of freight forwarding. From ocean and air freight to specialized services like Amazon freight, customs clearance, and 3PL warehousing, they handle it all. Their expertise in project cargo and white-glove service guarantees meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that even the most delicate shipments reach their destination safely.

Freight Forwarding from China

When it comes to shipping from China, Austway is a name you can trust. As a seasoned freight forwarder from China, they understand the complexities involved in international shipping from this major global hub. Their deep-rooted connections and operational knowledge ensure that your shipments are handled with precision and care, minimizing delays and optimizing costs.

Specialized Logistics Solutions

Austway’s services go beyond traditional freight forwarding. They offer integrated logistics solutions tailored for various industries. Whether you are in retail logistics, high-tech logistics, industrial logistics, CPG logistics, or e-commerce logistics, Austway has the expertise to streamline your supply chain. Their focus on providing end-to-end solutions ensures that your logistics needs are met efficiently and effectively.

Reliable and Efficient Services

With a strong focus on the Australian and New Zealand lines, Austway ensures that your cargo moves smoothly across international borders. Their proficiency in managing both LCL (Less than Container Load) and FCL (Full Container Load) shipments allows them to offer flexible solutions that cater to different volumes and requirements.


In the ever-evolving logistics landscape, Austway remains a steadfast partner for businesses seeking a global freight forwarder. Their commitment to providing a wide array of services, especially as a freight forwarder from China, makes them a preferred choice for companies looking to optimize their logistics. Trust Austway to handle your freight forwarding needs with unmatched reliability and efficiency.

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