Detailed Instructions for Playing Phom New88 Cards for Newbies

Phom New88.com brings players many interesting surprises. For those who have not had the opportunity to learn about this card game genre, don’t miss the opportunity to explore through the article below. New88 will convey the most detailed information about Phom, from how to play to the basic rules, to help you understand and enjoy this game optimally.

Overview of Phom New88 card game

Phom cards, also known by names such as Ta La cards or Tu Lo Kho cards, are one of the popular games in Vietnam. The game’s diverse names reflect the popularity and love it has gained from the community. The playing principle of Phom is very simple: players eat their opponent’s cards or draw cards to create phoms in their deck, thereby winning the final game.

New88 Phom not only lies in the thrill of each game but also in the player’s card handling techniques. Tactical thinking and the ability to read situations are the deciding factors between winning and losing. The rules of the game are clear, but the creativity and personal skills of each player are unique, creating diversity and richness in each Phom game.

Terms in Phom New88 article

Below are important terms that players often use when participating in card games, helping you grasp and apply strategies effectively:

  • Phom: Set of 3 cards of the same value or consecutively and of the same suit.
  • Junk cards: Cards that cannot form phom and do not affect other cards.
  • Poke: These are the cards placed in the middle so every player can pick them up.
  • Mom: A situation when the cards in hand cannot form a phom.
  • ù: When the player has three phoms and absolutely wins.
  • Stealing: The act of taking the last trash card causes the other player to fail.
  • Paying: When the last player is hit by the next player, you must “pay the whole village.”
  • Re: When the next player takes a card, the trash card will be transferred and the first player has the right to re-take the card.
  • Send: The act of sending a card when the card in hand matches the phom that was drawn by the previous player, helping to reduce the score.

These terms are not only a bridge of communication in the Phom New88 card playing community but also a useful tool to better understand the tactics and situations in this game.

New88 Phom card game rules

Below are the Phom card game rules that players need to know to follow properly when participating in the game.

  • During each turn, if you get a card, you will lose that card to the player. If this card is captured in the final round, 4 times the bet will be paid to the player.
  • In case the next player takes both cards and busts, the bet will have to be paid for the entire table, called “compensation for the whole village”.
  • The last player to capture the previous player’s card, the person who played that card will have to pay the remaining losing player.
  • While playing Phom New88, if someone busts their cards, the game will end immediately, and the other players will have to pay back their bets to the busted player.
  • In case the game ends without anyone buzzing, all players at the table will bust phom. At this time, everyone will add up the points from the junk cards to compare and find the winner. The person with the lowest score will win.
  • The score of the card is calculated equivalent to the value of the card.
  • In case of equal scores, the person who plays the card first will be considered the winner.
  • The bet must be paid to the winner.

Instructions on how to play Phom New88 for Newbies

Each game attracts from 2 to 4 players, each person is given 9 cards from a deck of 52 cards. The dealer, for the first game, receives 10 cards and has the right to play before the whole table. The drama begins when the person holding 10 cards starts playing the first card. From there, each player takes turns choosing suitable cards from their hand to create a phom or play a trash card.

In case Phom New88 cannot capture any card, the player must draw a card from the pile and play a trash card. Each game will continue for 4 turns, with the last turn requiring great caution, to avoid being pinned by others, if you do not want to pay off the bet for the entire table. When all phoms are defeated, players have the opportunity to send spam cards to their opponent’s phoms without worrying about affecting their score. If more cards are submitted, the player has a higher chance of winning. If all the cards are down, the player will be considered busted.
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In case someone buzzes, the player wins absolutely and the other players must pay the winner’s bet. If no one buzzes, the system will calculate points to determine the first runner-up, creating tense and exciting matches.

New88 card playing method is easy to win

Below are some ways to play cards that are proven to be effective for new players to refer to to increase their winning rate.

Play cards

In Phom New88, the strategy for playing cards has two basic directions: straight cards and big cards. When not using the buzzing strategy, determining win or loss will be based on card comparison scores. This makes the card selection process even more important, and many players will apply the strategy of playing all the big cards first, called “picking.”

Playing this strategy requires wisdom in managing the deck. Instead of keeping big cards like J – Q – K, players proactively play all of these cards early in the game. This is intended to create opportunities to catch small phom sets and increase the likelihood of retaining valuable cards.

Play pranks

Playing Phom New88 is one of the popular strategies that many gamblers apply to create an advantage in the match. This strategy requires sophistication in observing and guessing the opponent’s cards, with the aim of luring the opponent into playing the cards they need. This is truly a magical “tearing” art that professional players often use.

During the game, the person applying the card-picking strategy will intentionally create a situation where the opponent has to play the cards the player wants. This requires the ability to read the situation, evaluate the opponent’s deck, and be flexible in adjusting playing strategies.

Break phom to fight

Playing Phom New88 is a strategy used by many gamblers to attract money from their opponents’ pawns. This is especially useful when a player does not have enough ability to make a flush, and wants to take advantage of the opportunity to make money from taking another player’s pawn. When successful, capturing the pawn can bring in quite a large sum of money.

However, applying this strategy also requires caution. Players need to determine exactly when to implement the phom breaking strategy, to ensure that they have a chance to win the pawn without being caught by their opponents, leading to unwanted situations of paying cards.


With all the information and playing strategiesPhom New88, hoping that those new to this game will be equipped with new and useful knowledge. Please continue to follow to update the latest and exclusive information from New88.

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