EBay to expand with click and collect offer!

Global marketplace eBay is contemplating expanding its click and collect delivery system across Europe. The company is considering it as the basis on which it would explore new markets. Considering the popularity of click and collect, especially in Europe, it is not a surprise that one of the three largest global marketplaces is taking such a call.

Delivery has always been a prized advantage of eCommerce and it has actually fuelled the growth of the industry. But as eCommerce expands, the onus on delivery systems also increases exponentially. Is it possible to offer free delivery to every nook and corner of a country or a continent? The answer is simple, no. Thus, there have to be alternate ways. Companies like Courier Point have already endorsed click and collect and use such systems for parcel delivery England to the Netherlands and within the UK as well.

Over the past two years, click and collect has really caught up. In a recent survey conducted in the UK, more than half of those surveyed stated that they prefer to click and collect and have used that delivery system at least once in the last twelve months. Consumers in France and Germany are also endorsing click and collect as a preferred mode of delivery.

The concept is a win-win for consumers, eCommerce companies, and couriers. The costs go down, the delivery systems become more efficient, organized, and quick and more importantly, customers still get to choose the place of delivery, which doesn’t get affected.

The eCommerce giant eBay has itself offered click and collect in the UK and in the past year and a half, more than 1.5 million parcels were collected just from one chain of stores, Argos. While Argos remains to be the largest partner of eBay in click and collect, the eCommerce giant is planning to rope in many other retailers and chains to extend this service to more regions and to more customers. This may well be the precursor to expansion across Europe. The logistics industry or the outreach of delivery companies is not as vast across Europe as it is in the UK or Germany. Hence, click and collect makes more sense in countries like Italy where eCommerce is growing but slowly. The Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, and Spain which are recording amazing growth in eCommerce are also ideal for click and collect.

The fact that eBay’s experiment in 750 stores and more than 160,000 merchants on the site endorsing click and collect has worked so well in the last year and a half further boosts the company’s interest in expanding the offer.

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