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Elevate Your Desktop Audio with Aviator by ESD Acoustic

The totally integrated Aviator active speaker system from ESD Acoustic redefines the audio experience with its state-of-the-art design and superb sound quality. Designed primarily for use as bluetooth desk speakers, the Aviator family of unique speakers combines wireless connectivity with stylish design to deliver an unparalleled listening experience. With Aviator as bluetooth desk speakers, hearing and listening can be wonderful.

Cutting-Edge Speaker Technology for Superior Audio Quality
Modern speaker technology is used in the Aviator, including 2-inch foiled beryllium diaphragms in the tweeter unit for reduced distortion and increased clarity. The bass unit’s titanium sandwich diaphragms, which are patented inventions, ensure a robust yet lightweight design while removing phase distortion and segmentation. Aviator efficiently eliminates dynamic suppression brought on by eddy currents using field coil power supplies that use AI negative feedback technology, producing crystal-clear sound with every listening experience.

Adaptable Setting Choices for Tailored Hearing
If you have specific listening preferences, Aviator offers a variety of setup choices. Take advantage of stereo sound by connecting the main and auxiliary speakers, or enjoy mixed-channel playback with only the main speaker. No matter what you’re doing on your desktop—gaming, viewing movies, or listening to music—you can customize the ideal audio configuration with Aviator.


Aviator by ESD Acoustic is the pinnacle of bluetooth desk speakers, combining cutting-edge technology with a sleek design and diverse functionality. Aviator transforms your desktop listening experience and immerses you in exceptional sound quality. Elevate your music experience now by discovering the greatest bluetooth desk speakers, Aviator by ESD Acoustic.

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