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Finding the best bungalow house plan for the Pacific Northwest

The homes of the Pacific Northwest homes are often designed to fit with the area’s natural environment. The Pacific Northwest contains beautiful shorelines, green hills, mountains, and valleys. The best bungalow house plans take advantage of this varied landscape while the floor plans are designed to maximize the sunlight while providing overhangs to shelter homes—and people, from the rain. Bungalows are very popular in populated areas.


Bungalows-style house designs for the Pacific Northwest are specifically suited to particular weather patterns and the style preferences of the Northwest.

Key design characteristics of these homes include:

  1. Natural materials, inside and out. This includes wood, shakes, and stone.
  2. Exposed structural components, again, both inside and out.
  3. Deep overhangs to shelter the home and the inhabitants from rain and snow; cantilevered structures.
  4. Large, open floor plans to maximize the light and space. As well as floor-to-ceiling window views and large sliders to the outdoor space, again to help maximize the natural light and make the space look larger.
  5. Expansive covered and open porches, decks, and verandas to take advantage of outdoor spaces, making use of the natural surroundings.
  6. Muted and neutral color palettes.

In the Pacific Northwest, the best bungalow plans are designed to enhance Mother Nature. They use natural materials which are readily available. This type of organic architecture promotes a harmonious union between nature and man. These homes offer more natural living space, one that blends in with its surroundings. Primarily, builders use stone and wood to build these bungalows, with generous amounts of glass to help bring the outdoors in. These Northwest plans marry the indoors with the outdoors through features like open floor plans, floor-to-ceiling windows, sliders, and huge outdoor spaces enhanced by large decks and covered porches.

Because the area receives a great deal of rain and goes without natural light for several months, it can be dreary, but these house plans are designed to maximize any and all-natural light the homes get during the year, providing a lighter, airier space, without the gloom. The larger windows, the expansive views, and the deep overhangs are all designed to capture sunlight and provide protection from the weather, and the neutral earth tones provide a contrast to any gloomy weather.


Bungalows are one of the most popular home plans in the Northwest; it is suited to the area because it is a more rugged, organic look. Bungalows are known for their large, wide front porches, their open, informal living areas that flow from one room into another, and their cozy nature. They are typically one floor and are great for starter homes or those looking to downsize.

To find the best bungalow house plans for the Pacific Northwest, contact us at The House Plan Company. We can help you build the bungalow of your dreams!

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