Forest City: Shaping the Future of Real Estate Development in Malaysia

In the realm of real estate development, few projects have captured the imagination and set new standards like Forest City. Situated in Malaysia’s Iskandar Development Region, this visionary undertaking by Country Garden Pacificview (CGPV) embodies a company culture driven by a bold mission, a compelling vision, and unwavering core values. Forest City aims to create a prime model of a future city, while simultaneously fostering a better society. As a result, it aspires to become the world’s most competitive real estate developer. This blog explores how Forest City’s company culture, rooted in integrity, quality, social responsibility, innovation, and customer satisfaction, shapes its remarkable journey.

Mission: Building the Prime Model of a Future City

At the heart of Forest City’s mission lies a desire to transform the traditional concept of urban living. By pushing the boundaries of architectural design, sustainability, and technology, Forest City seeks to create a blueprint for the cities of tomorrow. It aims to set new benchmarks in terms of infrastructure, environmental consciousness, and quality of life. This mission is a testament to Forest City’s dedication to innovation and its commitment to redefining the urban landscape.

Vision: Creating a Better Society and Becoming a Global Leader

Forest City’s vision extends beyond its immediate impact on the real estate sector. It aspires to make a positive difference in society at large. By creating sustainable communities that prioritize the well-being of residents, Forest City aims to contribute to the overall betterment of society. Moreover, the vision encompasses a drive to become the world’s most competitive real estate developer, setting the bar for excellence, innovation, and success in the industry.

Core Values: The Pillars of Forest City’s Success

Integrity, Quality, Social Responsibility, Innovation, and Customer Satisfaction are the core values that underpin Forest City’s operations and decisions. These values serve as guiding principles, shaping every aspect of the project and ensuring that Forest City adheres to the highest standards of professionalism and ethical conduct.


Forest City’s company culture, driven by its mission, vision, and core values, sets the stage for its transformative impact on the real estate landscape. With a resolute focus on building a prime model of a future city, Forest City is at the forefront of innovation, sustainability, and quality. Its commitment to integrity, social responsibility, and customer satisfaction further solidifies its position as a trusted and customer-centric developer.

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