How to build a mobile website for iPhones

Building mobile websites for iPhones can be hard or very simple.

We have chosen the simple way of building mobile websites for iPhones and while probably not what the purists would call a good system it works.

Let’s face it when it comes to smartphones like the iPhone, the user has spent a lot of money and also probably has a reasonable internet plan so why deliver ASCII-type mobile websites when you can make it a nice experience.

A few well-placed optimized graphics and quality information means the mobile websites for iPhones can provide a visually exciting experience and enhance the content.

Shrink and Fit System

The beauty of our system for building mobile websites for iPhones is that it will also fit all other smartphones as it uses a shrink and fit system.

This means that all the elements will shrink and fit any phone screen size and also allows us to add different elements to add functionality and interaction plus give a much more graphical experience.

Some of these elements may be icons, maps, contact forms, etc.

Building mobile websites for iPhones

In our simple-to-follow video tutorials we will take you to step by step on how to create your mobile websites for iPhones and make them look professional and something your clients and customers will love.

You can create all kinds of mobile websites for iPhones using our simple system. Business, Non-Profit, social groups, sporting, and much more.

Business mobile websites for iPhones

Today people are searching on their mobiles for all kinds of information and one of the biggest search terms is for different businesses, what they can supply and where they are.

Adding tap to call and directions via google maps etc allow you to supply the information they are looking for.

Coupons on mobile websites for iPhones

There are lots of other things you can do with our system including creating your own coupon mobile websites for iPhones, business listings, and much more.

Just watch the videos and follow along and you will be building mobile websites for iPhones in no time.

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