How to Create Ubuntu VM in the Virtual Box

I have already provided the instruction to install the virtual box in your machine in the first Article, hopefully, you can run the Virtual box now. If you haven’t checked it, check it now:

–> How to Install Virtual Box in windows

  • Open the Virtual Box and click on the machine tab, Select the “New” option to create the new virtual machine
  • The new screen will pop up, asking to enter the Name of the machine, type, and version, and click on the Next button. In our case let’s enter:

Name: Ubuntu

Type: Linux

Version: Ubuntu (64-bit)

  • The new screen will pop up asking you to enter the memory size for your new Virtual machine, I have selected 1 GB of memory in my virtual machine and clicked on the Next button.
  • The next screen will pop up with the three options, choose “Create a virtual hard disk”. This will create a virtual hard disk in the VM.
  • The next screen will come up with the option to select the hard-disk type, from the list choose the option “VHD (Virtual Hard Disk)”. As the previous option, we have selected to create the virtual disk.
  • The next screen will pop up to select in between the dynamically allocated and fixed size, select the option ‘dynamically allocated’

=> Capacity of the hard-disk

  • The next screen will ask to select the location of the virtual machine to save and the capacity of the hard disk. I have left the name ‘Ubuntu’ and have provided 10 GB recommended hard-disk for VM
  • Now, you have successfully created the virtual machine and have now started the installation. The installation of Ubuntu will appear, now select the ‘Install Ubuntu’ option
  • Select the option “Download updates while installing” from the new screen. Selecting the updates later may take time to install the third-party drivers required to run the ubuntu smoothly

=> Installation Type

  • The new screen will pop up with four option types to install the ubuntu on the hard disk, please select the option “Erase disk and install ubuntu” and click on Next. This will format (erase) the entire disk to install the Ubuntu in the fresh disk (terdon, 2014).
  • The next step will ask permission to write changes in the next formatted disk. Simply click on the ‘continue’
  • The next screen will pop up with the option to choose the location of the user, select the country of your residence (in my case it is Sydney)

=> Language setting

  • The next screen will pop up with the option to select the keyboard layout, simply select the keyboard layout according to your wish. In my case, I selected the keyboard layout of English(US)
  • The next screen will come with the option to create an account in ubuntu, simply fill up the information asked for and click on continue
  • The installation process of the ubuntu will finally start, the next screen comes up with the progress of the installation. It will take time according to your machine, wait until the installation is finished
  • After the installation is complete, please restart the Ubuntu install in the virtual box before using it.

That’s it, you are ready to explore your new Ubuntu in the virtual box. Start exploring the new OS in the VM.

That’s it, techies. you are ready to use your VM now smoothly!

The slang tech refers to technical terminology or jargon used by individuals in the technology field. It includes abbreviations, acronyms, and specialized language specific to technology-related subjects.

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