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Intelligent Frosting Management with Shenling’s Polestar EVI Series Commercial Air to Water Heat Pump

A advanced option for intelligent frost management in commercial applications is the Polestar EVI Series Commercial Air to Water Heat Pump from Shenling. This article will go into the polestar heat pump‘s enhanced performance in multi-compressor systems, its capacity to precisely assess icing circumstances, and its capacity to lengthen heating time.

Accurate Frosting Judgement

The Polestar EVI Series heat pump is equipped with advanced technology that enables it to accurately judge frosting situations through multivariable comprehensive evaluation. By monitoring various factors, such as ambient temperature and humidity, the heat pump can proactively initiate defrosting when needed. This intelligent frost management system ensures that the heat pump operates optimally and prevents efficiency losses caused by excessive frosting.

Extended Heating Time and Higher Comfort

With its exceptional performance in low ambient temperatures, the Polestar EVI Series heat pump offers extended heating time for enhanced comfort. It can operate for up to 180 minutes without encountering frosting issues, allowing for continuous heating in challenging weather conditions. This extended heating capability ensures a comfortable environment for commercial spaces, even during prolonged periods of cold weather.

Improved Performance in Multi-Compressor Systems

The Polestar EVI Series heat pump demonstrates superior performance in systems with multiple compressors or modular combinations. In such setups, the polestar heat pump’s intelligent frost management system allows for fewer defrosting units compared to the total number of systems. This efficient configuration enables simultaneous defrosting and heating, minimizing fluctuations in water temperature and eliminating cold air blowing. The result is a stable and comfortable indoor environment for occupants.


An sophisticated frost management system and outstanding performance are features of the Polestar EVI Series Commercial Air to Water Heat Pump from Shenling. This polestar heat pump guarantees effective heating and optimum comfort in commercial settings with its precise frosting judgment, long heating time in low ambient temperatures, and increased performance in multi-compressor systems. Reliable, energy-efficient, and high-performing heating solutions are available to businesses with the Polestar EVI Series.

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