Whether it’s your under eyes or your teeth, brightening is the new year, new you, goal.

Two of my favorite products that I love to use that do just that are Laura Mercier’s candleglow concealer and highlighter in the shade…

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#1 (available in 7 shades. $38 at Sephora) and then the all-natural Marvis toothpaste ($35 for a set of 7 flavors at Hudson Bay). This is great for traveling and to try something new!

Hope you enjoy it!

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I can’t believe the last time I did a post was a month ago! I’m so sorry for the delays. Worry no more I have a great exciting product I want to share with you this Monday…aka today.

Anastasia ‘soft brown’ dip brow pomade $23


Tarte ‘medium brown’ Amazonian clay waterproof brow pencil $27

I usually use eyeshadow to shade in my brows but just this week I headed into Sephora to pick up two amazing products. Use one or the other, or both! The choice is yours.

I have naturally dark full brows but the pencil shades them in perfectly for natural fullness. The pomade is more of a rich and creamy texture for those of you that like a bolder brow.

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