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Maximizing Impact with Hanshow’s Lumina Edge Digital Shelf Labels

Hanshow and ESL tags are synonymous with innovation in the retail world. The dynamic partnership between Hanshow and ESL tags has given rise to the Lumina Edge series, a powerful range of digital shelf labels that is redefining the way retailers engage with their customers.

Elevating Retail Displays

At the forefront of this revolution is the LUMINA MAX, the flagship product in Hanshow’s Lumina Edge series. These digital shelf labels are designed to infuse life into static shelf displays, turning them into captivating points of sale. With full high definition (FHD) displays boasting a wide viewing angle of over 178 degrees, the Lumina Edge ESLs ensure that customers get a continuous view of product information, even as they pass by. What’s more, these labels have an exceptional lifespan, exceeding 30,000 hours.

Seamless Implementation

Hanshow’s Lumina Edge ESLs are not just powerful; they are also incredibly easy to install. They come fully equipped with the necessary software and content players, simplifying the setup for retailers. When retailers invest in the Lumina Edge, Hanshow provides a comprehensive package that includes hardware, software, accessories, and the option for a tailored size and appearance, ensuring that retailers have everything they need to create a striking display.


The combination of Hanshow and ESL tags shows retail’s innovation. The Lumina Edge series, led by LUMINA MAX, improves digital shelf labels. These labels give shops a vibrant and engaging platform to showcase their items, attracting shoppers.

Since Thanksgiving gets closer, let’s thank Hanshow’s Lumina Edge smart shelf labels for improving consumer engagement and operations.

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