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Mobile Websites Australia

One of the biggest consumers of smartphones in Australia and so naturally businesses should have a Mobile Website!

I don’t know about you but as I am surfing on my phone I often run into normal sites and scrolling and zooming quickly become a drag.

Start your mobile website business today

When I find a mobile website I am overjoyed because I can read it and get the info and usually contact details I want.

Obviously, businesses are realizing that this is true for more people than just me and so you have a great opportunity to sell them a great mobile website.

Mobile Website Made Easy

Because it is a fairly new industry there are a lot of scopes.

Also, your professional competition is doing it the hard way developing different sites for different phones and trying to keep up with all the new models.

We show you how to use a simple shrink and fit system that means your customers’ mobile website will look good on nearly all phones.

Redirecting a Mobile Website

Not only do we show you how to build a mobile website but provide additional help in redirection, graphics and so much more. We have also added a forum so you can ask questions and get help from the over 500 members who are doing or have done the mobile website course.

Whether you are in Sydney, Brisbane, Tasmania, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, or Darwin this course will help you make money selling to businesses, clubs, and organizations.

Or just learn to build your own for a fraction of what others would charge.

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