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Revolutionize Your Boxing Training with Fitcare’s BX100 Boxing Sensor

Fitcare’s BX100 boxing sensor is a state-of-the-art boxing punch tracker designed to elevate customer’s boxing training experience. This intelligent punch sensor excels in real-time detection of punch types, counts, speed, and various parameters critical to optimizing their performance in the ring. With seamless Bluetooth connectivity, the boxing sensor transmits customer’s training data to Apps or designated platforms, offering boxing enthusiasts a comprehensive and interactive training experience like never before.

Enhanced Training Experience with BX100

The Fitcare BX100 boxing sensor is a cutting-edge innovation specifically tailored for boxing training. This punch sensor’s advanced features include precise monitoring of punch types, counts, speed, and other essential parameters, providing users with valuable insights into their performance. By effortlessly transmitting training data through Bluetooth, the BX100 boxing sensor ensures that users can track their progress and enhance their overall boxing training experience with ease.

Focused Data Monitoring and Storage

Distinguishing between right and left hands, the BX100 boxing sensor ensures high-precision and quality data acquisition. Simply position the boxing sensor on wrist using a boxing bandage to initiate training. With each sensor weighing only 6g, the lightweight design guarantees both comfort and accuracy, allowing you to engage in training seamlessly. Users can monitor their boxing data in real-time through the dedicated App, accessing past data records for a comprehensive training overview.

Long-Lasting Performance and Waterproof Design

The Fitcare BX100 boxing sensor features a USB interface and a rechargeable lithium battery for convenient charging. With a single charge, the punch sensor offers a usage duration of up to 25 hours, ensuring uninterrupted training sessions. Designed to meet the IP67 waterproof standard, the BX100 boasts a durable and waterproof construction, enabling users to focus solely on their boxing routine without worrying about performance issues. This robust design ensures a reliable and resilient training experience for boxing enthusiasts of all levels.


In conclusion, Fitcare’s BX100 boxing sensor represents a significant advancement in boxing training technology, offering users unparalleled insights, precise data monitoring, and exceptional comfort during training sessions. With its advanced features, long-lasting performance, and waterproof design, the BX100 is a must-have tool for boxing enthusiasts looking to enhance their skills and reach new levels of performance in the ring.

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