TOEIC Is an English Proficiency Test

Have you heard of TOEIC before? TOEIC is the Test of English for International Communication. This test aims to measure a person’s English Proficiency.

Usually, this test is used by companies or educational institutions at the level of high school which aims to measure the English language skills of prospective employees and students.

This test does not include an academic test, but an international test to measure the ability of vocabulary and grammar. Until now there are still many who do not know what the TOEIC test is, especially among students, students, and workers. Because the famous English test is TOEFL.

For example, in Malang TOEIC is only known as a test for vocational students because the Malang government introduces TOEIC as a provision for SMK graduates to have competitiveness and marketability in the world of work.

Whereas in the banking world, TOEIC was first known and used as a requirement for promotions or new promotions.

Surely many of you are still confused about when is the right time to take TOEIC. You must understand first that the purpose of TOEIC with TOEFL is different.

TOEIC is a type of English test that only measures your English skills when working in an international environment in your daily life. The purpose of TOEIC is simply to measure how well you can communicate in English with other people in the business world.

Usually, TOEIC is needed by staff who use English in various work environments such as businesses, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, international meetings, conferences, and sports programs.

In addition, those who need TOEIC are management, sales, and technical staff in international business, trade, and industry who need English in their work. As well as the prospective participants of the training which will be conducted in English.

It can be said that the TOEIC standard is below the TOEFL. This test does not require special knowledge of a term that is often used in the world of education and work. The most important thing in TOEIC is the language people use in their daily activities.

TOEIC is one of the appropriate tests for assessing English language skills in the world of work because the questions in this test are arranged based on settings and situations in everyday life.

Some of the questions that usually appear on the TOEIC test are company development such as product research and development. There are also banquets such as business banquets and informal lunches, receptions, banquets, and restaurant reservations.

In addition, the questions that often arise are entertainment such as cinema, theater, music, art, exhibitions, museums, and media. There are also Finance and Shopping budgets such as banking, mergers, investments, taxation, accounting, and account payments.

Frequently asked questions about the general business such as employment contracts, contract negotiations, marketing, sales, warranties, business planning, conferences, and labor relations.

There are also health issues such as media insurance, visiting doctors, dentists, clinics, and hospitals. This includes property such as construction, specifications, rental, and purchase. electricity and gas services. Factory such as assembly, factory management, and quality.

Questions about company areas such as board meetings, committees, memorandum letters, telephone, fax and e-mail, office supplies and furniture, and office procedures, often arise as well.

You should also know issues regarding personnel such as recruitment and acceptance of new employees, resignation letters, salary slips, promotion letters, the language of job vacancies, and advertisements. Purchases such as purchases, ordering office equipment, shipping goods, and invoices.

In addition, there are also technical area questions such as electronics, technology, computers, laboratories and equipment, and technical specifications.

Finally, questions about travel such as trains, airplanes, taxis, buses, ships, ferries, tickets, schedules, stations and scheduling, schedule information and announcements at stations and airports, car rentals, hotels, reservations, delays, and cancellations.

The TOEIC Test Format is:

You must understand that in every test the most important thing is how the format of the test is. The type of question on the TOEIC is multiple choice which consists of 200 questions that must be done in 2 hours.

In this test, you have to take two exam sessions. For example, for TOEIC Listening and Reading, each session consists of 100 questions. The first TOEIC session is Listening Comprehension, you will be given 45 minutes to solve all the questions.

Usually listening questions contain pictures consisting of 20 questions, Questions,s and Responses consisting of 30 questions, Short conversations consisting of 30 questions, and Short talks consisting of 20 questions.

Usually, the reading questions on the TOEIC consist of 100 questions, and you will be given 75 minutes to complete all the questions.

The TOEIC reading questions are Incomplete sentences consisting of 40 questions, Error recognition consisting of 20 questions, and Reading comprehension consisting of 40 questions.

After knowing the format of the test, you must be diligent in practicing, practicing, and practicing. The key to the success of a test is diligently practicing and studying.

To get the best score you also have to learn to do the exercises yourself, here are applications that can help you learn:

  1. Learn English Audio and Video

The first application, LearnEnglist Audio and Video was developed by the British Council. You can improve listening skills from everyday English conversations with quite a variety of topics. You can download this application for free on the Play Store.

  1. My Word Book

The TOEIC test study app is My Word Book. With this app, you can learn vocabulary by means of interactive flashcard sets. As the name implies, this application can help you learn vocabulary through interactive flashcard sets. Knowing a lot of vocabulary, it will help you more easily on the TOEIC speaking test. This application is available for free.

  1. Sounds Right

For those of you who want to learn how to pronounce everyday English correctly, it’s a good idea to use this application to help learn. Sounds right provides an interactive chart showing vocals and consonants with an audio player.

You can choose whether you want to write a word or say the words directly, so this application will make a sound with the correct pronunciation.

  1. Johnny Grammar’s Word Challenge

It can be seen from the name of the application Johnny Grammar’s Word Challenge, this application can help you learn Grammar and vocabulary with the quiz method so that learning becomes more fun and exciting.

You will feel challenged because you are only given 60 seconds to answer as many questions as possible. You can download this application for free.

  1. Listen and Speak

The best application for learning everyday English used in the world of work is Listen and Speak. This application has a feature to translate all sentences or into the language you choose.

The most fun thing, this application can provide an analysis of your speaking ability by giving an idea of ​​which parts or aspects need to be improved so that you can speak properly and correctly.

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TOEIC Success By Participating in Preparation on English Bridge

About 180,000 people per year choose the TOEIC test for work purposes. This test has also been recognized by hundreds of national and international companies. TOEIC is the basis for seeing your English language skills at an intermediate level.

TOEIC is a test that does not have a basic computer, you fill out the answers on a piece of paper. What is measured in this test is the ability to listen, read and speak in English that is used every day.

For those of you who cannot study self-taught, you can take preparation at English Bridge. In this preparation institution, you will be taught about listening and reading comprehension.

In listening comprehension, you will hear about listening to note-taking reports, questions, short conversations between two people, and short conversations in English.

In reading comprehension, you are required to read reading paragraphs that contain single sentences or in the form of reading texts and answer questions that are in accordance with the reading.

When you take preparation at English Bridge, you will get the benefit of progressing in your English language skills. Preparation TOEIC at English Bridge is widely accepted as a good institution, which can increase your score.

When preparing at English Bridge, you will learn to focus on testing your overall ability to use everyday English.

It’s true that upgrading skills take time. In general, our abilities will develop if achieved through a combination of practice and regular study.

By following the preparation at English Bridge, you will practice answering examples of questions that are in accordance with what is being tested.

All of that so that you are more familiar with the questions that are at the time of the test. You will be taught tactics to answer questions correctly, and how to use time effectively and efficiently.

What you need to know is that English Bridge has developed techniques that focus on expanding students’ ability to learn and accurately use vocabulary used in daily work life.

To make it easier for students to understand each question well, English Bridge uses real-life examples to help illustrate difficult material.

You can believe it or not, the love life you are experiencing can help you understand the assumptions that are in accordance with the grammar rules.

Because love life cannot be separated from our daily lives, it will be easier to understand. Most importantly of all, don’t be afraid to keep learning and practicing.

English Bridge will collect questions that are structured in a structured manner in order to analyze the skills you have and be able to overcome learning problems that are circumvented by taking into account the strengths and weaknesses that you have.

English Bridge will optimize your English language skills to learn quickly and effectively. Each question on the TOEIC test is analyzed step by step to find the right answer. In English Bridge, you will be given lessons on the right technique to eliminate incorrect answers and choose the correct answer in order to achieve the best score.

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