Top 5 most accurate betting bonus calculation formulas

How to calculate betting bonuses is one of the very important information that any player needs to know before participating in a bet. But this information on the internet is widespread and not authentic, causing many new players to not know what is the most accurate information. The following New88sg will share with you the top 5 most accurate betting bonus calculation formulas.

Soccer betting bonus formulas

Calculated according to DEC ratio

The way to calculate betting bonuses based on this density is:

Bonus = (odds – 1) x amount of bet cost

For a more detailed explanation, when you choose the DEC rate, the parameters will be displayed on the bookmaker’s system screen. As you know when the round is released, the numbers on the density table can change. And when the round has ended, the player calculates his bonus by multiplying the bet by the rate.

For example, if a customer bets 100,000 VND on DEC Density Market, the reward ratio on the odds table is now 1.5, then according to the formula the amount of money he receives when winning the bet will be ( 1.5 -1)x100 thousand VND = 50 thousand VND, so the amount we receive after winning the bet, both capital and profit, is 150 thousand VND. If you lose, you will lose all your bets.

Calculated according to Malaysian density

Malaysian odds include number highlights with DEC odds, this type of bet does not cause you to lose all the money if you lose. Malaysia odds will have two types of bets: negative bets and positive bets, and the betting bonus calculation is as follows:

  • Compared to positive betting density: How to calculate betting bonuses for this type of bet, the amount of betting bonus received will be equal to the product of capital multiplied by bonus density. For example, in a situation where you bet with an amount of 100,000 VND and the house’s current betting odds are 0.6, then the betting bonus that you receive is considered 30,000 VND plus The original cost is 130 thousand VND. If you lose, you will lose all the money you bet.
  • Compared to negative betting density: at this betting density, if you win, you will receive a bonus amount equal to the bet amount
  • If you lose the bet, you will lose 70% of your bet, meaning you will still keep 30,000 if your initial capital is 100,000 VND.

Calculated according to US odds

Similar to the Malay odds ratio, the US odds ratio is also divided into two cases for calculating negative and positive odds betting bonuses:

  • If you win, the betting bonus will be multiplied by the betting density.
  • In the second case, if the customer wins 1/2, the bonus will be equal to the capital divided by 2 and the leg for the betting density.
  • In the third case, if you lose everything, you will lose all your initial bet.
  • In case you lose 1/2 at the end, you will save 1/2 of your original bet.

Calculated according to HK density

With this type of betting density, gamers will have more choices for how to calculate betting bonuses:
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  • Full win: betting bonus is equal to the bet amount multiplied by the bet density
  • Win 1/2 (half): bet divided by 2 and multiplied by odds.
  • Full loss (complete loss): means you will lose all your bets.
  • Lose 1/2 (half): gamer will keep half of the bet and lose the remaining 1/2 of the bet

Calculated according to the negative and positive ratio

As mentioned above, some of the betting odds include negative energy and positive energy odds. But in Handicap bets, European bets, and Over/Under bets there will be one of the same betting bonus calculations. Like:

Positive odds density

  • Full win: receive betting winnings according to the dealer’s divided ratio
  • Win 1/2 (half): the reward density will now be divided by 2, then multiply the result by the player’s bet amount to get the betting winning amount.
  • Full loss (complete loss): loses the player’s entire bet amount.
  • Lose 1/2 (half): you will keep 50% of the bet but lose the remaining half of the bet.

Negative odds density

  • Win full (all): your betting bonus at that time will be the bet placed at the beginning.
  • Win 1/2 (half): the betting bonus at that time will be the original bet plus the initial bet divided by 2
  • Full loss (complete loss): negative rate multiplied by the player’s original betting cost.
  • Lose 1/2 (half): divide the negative density by 2 and multiply by the player’s bet cost

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