Turkish Airlines League: Star celebrates in Tel Aviv!

Nothing from Maccabi’s revenge, Zvezda reached the fifth in a row!

In the 18th round of the Euroleague, the Red Star managed to tie the fifth victory in a row, defeating Maccabi away with 67:71 (17:16, 17:17, 20:15, and 13:23)!

Dejan Radonjić’s team celebrated last night against the former European champion for the second time this season (which is very important) and thus came to the tenth victory in the Euroleague!

The Red Star started the match solidly last night, Luka Mitrović led his team with five tied points, but Maccabi very quickly reached the advantage by knocking down Rad for 7: 4.

After that, we watched the equal in the first quarter, and Crvena Zvezda reached the advantage with Bjelica’s triple in 15:16. However, the host took the lead with two points after the first ten minutes.

Below, is the weak start of the Red Star.

Ohio hit a three-pointer, followed by a new series, a total of 8: 0, for Maccabi’s biggest advantage. However, the Red Star comes to life with the return of Stefan Jović, and Dion Thompson is the man who contributed the most to the new scoreboard.

At the beginning of the third quarter, Crvena Zvezda had a great game in defense and attack, Jenkins and Lazić worked, and then Jović brought the biggest advantage to our champion with a great move of 41:46. However, Gaudlock then started playing at the highest possible level.

He tied eight points before the end of the quarter, of which two three-pointers were very difficult, all for the overall series of 10: 0 and Maccabi’s advantage of 54:46.

In the last section, the new return of the Red Star.

Dejan Radonjić’s team managed to make up for Maccabi’s advantage very quickly, with three triples over Gudurić, Simonović, and Lazić. Gaudlock managed to return Maccabi to a 4-point advantage with a new three-pointer, but later Simonović managed to hit a new three-pointer and showed that he will be Zvezda’s biggest trump card in the last five minutes of the match.

In the last two minutes, Maccabi came in with an advantage of one point, as Ognjen Kuzmic hit only one free throw, and a minute and a half before the end, Stefan Jovic gave Zvezda an advantage of one point – 67:68, and then Kuzmic scored an additional dunk. made Red Star fans happy.

The players of Zvezda did not lose the advantage, and the celebration began!

Stefan Jović had 14 points and 7 assists, Kuzmić 8 points, and 9 rebounds and he was named the player of the match. Thompson added 10 points, and Lazic 8. On the other side, Goodlock had 19 points, Iverson 13.

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