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Best Tips for Soundproofing your Home Theater

Most of us love to hear good music in a home theater with great volume. But because of one or the other reason we are not able to enjoy that. What would be the idea of making our room soundproof so that only the person inside the room enjoys the music from the home theater and others outside are not disturbed, because of it?

On hearing this you may feel that it’s a great idea but need to invest much money into it. But frankly speaking, you do not need to invest much money into it. If you get some better idea to soundproof your room with the minimum cost then would you not be able to do it? Surely you will love it and will like to do it asap.

So let us see some great ideas for a soundproofing room or your home theater.

Need to soundproof your home theater

Here are great ideas to do

For making the room soundproof you need to make all your walls, ceiling, and door soundproof. The best idea of soundproofing your home theater would be building or making a room inside your existing room.

This does not mean that you need to build another concrete wall inside your room; but it means you may need to attach something to your doors, hang on some special blankets on the walls, coat the wall with some products, etc.

Here are some better options for soundproofing your home theater.

Soundproof door bottom: This is a very inexpensive product that you need to attach to your door bottom. A thick rubber sheet of Soundproof door bottom comes down when the door is closed and moves up when it is opened. This helps you to seal any gaps after closing the door.

Green glue noise clips or Whisper clips: This is a viscous damping compound. It helps in damping the sound vibrations. This is a very cheap product, easily available, does not need many types of equipment for its use, and can also be easily applied.

Acoustic caulk: This is another product that helps to seal any minute gaps in the walls of your room. This is also a cost-effective product that helps to soundproof the wall partitions. It is easy to apply in all materials such as wood, glass, metal, concrete, etc. (Note: The Acoustic caulk and Green glue noise clips both require a caulking gun applicator for its use.)

Soundproof Blankets: This is a blanket that can be hung on your walls. Soundproof Blankets is made up of mass-loaded vinyl with fiberglass insulation on both sides which is then given a vinyl covering. The advantage of this blanket is that it comes in many colors and designs which can make your room decor as well.

Mass loaded Vinyl: This is a great and traditional idea for soundproofing your home theater. This is effective on your walls, doors, and also in ceilings. This is a bit more expensive when compared to other products.

The basic idea behind these products is that they act in any of these three ways. One is increasing the mass to the walls, the next is damping the walls or using any absorbents; the third is to ensure proper sealing on the rooms.

Other than these brilliant room ideas and products, there are many other products commercially available in the markets which can help soundproof your room. But these are the basic and cheaper options that anyone can go with. So apply them now and make your walls soundproof now.

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