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Current SEO trends every business should take on board

Search engine optimization (SEO) never stands still and what was en vogue just last year may not still be in fashion. Every business should keep up to date with the latest trends in SEO to ensure that its brand is getting top marks amongst the search rankings. Here are some of the current SEO best practices.

Importance of social signals

There has been doubting in the past as to whether social signals from sites such as Twitter or Facebook have had any influence on search rankings, but experts believe this is set to change. According to Forbes Magazine, social signals will become a significant factor in the ranking algorithm, with studies already showing that there is a strong correlation between social signals and rankings.

Content is still king

Good quality content still reigns supreme if you want to get the seal of approval from the likes of Google. Current content trends are steering towards the relevance and quality of what is produced rather than being saturated with keywords. Where keywords are used, focus on long-tail or conversational keywords. These are becoming an increasingly important factor in Google search algorithms.

Mobile SEO is imperative

According to the Daily Mail, Google has disclosed that more searches are now being made on mobile devices than on personal computers. Businesses that fail to make their website mobile-friendly will essentially see their search engine rankings plummet significantly.

SEO as a fully-integrated activity

SEO has been viewed as a separate business function in the past, with many firms hiring specialist SEO consultants or departments. This is set to change as SEO becomes a much more integrated business component, with SEO strategies encompassed within the entire marketing mix rather than as a distinct activity. Consult professionals to see how effective your current SEO strategies are performing; for example, receive a free SEO audit from, a Buckinghamshire SEO audit expert.

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The rise of brand mentions

Link building has traditionally been a ploy used to hike up the search engine rankings but Google is increasingly becoming wise to the misuse of this popular SEO strategy. Brand mentions without specifically linking to a site are increasingly becoming a favored way to boost rankings, as there are fewer opportunities for this to be abused.

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