Certified Solution of Warehousing Automation Provided by ForwardX

The benefits of warehouse automation are obvious and proven. As new technology evolves, the forms of automation and its applications change and develop. As the future trend, the AMR is a robust player in promoting warehousing automation. Look at ForwardX, one of the world’s leading robotics manufacturers that provides advanced AMRs.

Benefits of AMRs: remarkable increase in efficiency and accuracy


In the case studies where AMRs have been adopted, we can see a significant increase in productivity. Most cases show a 100-200% (2-3x) increase in picking throughput. ITOCHU Logistics Co., Ltd. saw a 2.13x increase in picking efficiency after adding AMRs to its distribution center.

Improved accuracy and inventory visibility

A major source of lost revenue is due to human error. AMRs reduce error rates and collect real-time inventory data. This allows warehouse managers to save operations time and expense as they can make more informed decisions about when to add inventory.


ForwardX’s AMRs are the most flexible form of automation available. They can be adapted to any environment, do not require any infrastructure changes, and can be scaled up or down depending on the user’s needs.

With ForwardX’s outstanding technical prowess and complete customer service, factories can feel confident using ForwardX’s automation solutions to improve productivity. Visit the official website of ForwardX for more detailed information.

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