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Enhance Opto-Electronic Integration with Hermetix Kovar Glass to Metal Sealing

In the world of opto-electronics, having a reliable packaging solution is essential for optimal performance and seamless integration. Hermetix introduces an exceptional product, the Opto-Electronic Package, which utilizes Kovar material and glass to metal sealing for enhanced thermal and mechanical properties. This post will delve into the benefits of Hermetix’s Kovar glass to metal sealing technology and how it ensures seamless integration in opto-electronic systems.

Superior Kovar Material for Enhanced Performance

Hermetix’s Opto-Electronic Package adopts Kovar material, known for its excellent thermal and mechanical properties. Kovar exhibits a low coefficient of thermal expansion, making it ideal for applications requiring stability over a wide temperature range. Its superb mechanical strength and compatibility with glass-to-metal sealing enable robust and long-lasting performance in demanding opto-electronic environments.

Glass to Metal Sealing for Reliability

The use of glass to metal sealing in the Opto-Electronic Package offers superior reliability and protection. This sealing process creates a hermetic barrier, safeguarding delicate opto-electronic components from moisture, dust, and other contaminants. The glass to metal sealing enhances the longevity and performance of the package, ensuring consistent output and reducing the risk of failures.

Seamless Integration with 54 Leads and Fiber Optic Channel

The Opto-Electronic Package from Hermetix features 54 leads and a fiber optic channel, allowing for seamless integration into opto-electronic systems. With ample leads, power delivery and signal transmission are optimized, promoting efficient operation and reducing potential interference. The fiber optic channel enables the seamless integration of optical fibers, facilitating the transmission of high-quality optical signals.

Assembly Eyelids for Easy Application

To simplify the assembly process, the Opto-Electronic Package incorporates assembly eyelids. These convenient features ensure efficient and precise alignment during assembly, saving time and effort. The precise alignment creates a secure and reliable connection, minimizing the risk of misalignment-induced performance issues.


The Opto-Electronic Package from Hermetix showcases a robust Kovar glass to metal sealing process that ensures enhanced thermal and mechanical properties. With its 54 leads, fiber optic channel, and assembly eyelids, this package enables seamless integration into opto-electronic systems. By choosing Hermetix’s Kovar glass to metal sealing technology, businesses not only enhance their opto-electronic performance but also improve their online presence and market credibility. Embrace the efficiency of Hermetix and unlock the full potential of your opto-electronic systems with their cutting-edge Kovar glass to metal sealing solutions.

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