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Have you been A Slave For your Technology?

Should you haven’t said after that it you’re sure to possess heard this from others talking about technology programs as addicting. Yes, addicting, addictive as well as… addictive.

Observed in popular press ads, designed to look fashionable or awesome, there’s the actual promotion for that incorporation associated with technology with the body like within the examples associated with ‘Google Cup, ‘ ‘smart’ wristwatches, and silicon implants… and so on.

Then you will find the technology fiction tales, for instance, we possess the Borgs within Star Journey…

– All of this is related to the push for all of us to obtain addicted and accustomed to accepting the actual transhumanism plan. Will all of us go through being developed spiritual beings a manifestation of the actual infinite God/Goddess/All-There-Is in order to autonomous, dehumanized cyborgs meant to inherit our planet in this particular form?

The underside line right here folks is actually that transhumanism technologies is ultimately made to control and prevent us through thinking with regard to ourselves: If permitted to carry upon, in the period, it can make us not able to access the full bodily empirical understanding and non-physical capability.

The Automatic robot control program

Another the main control system may be the developing automatic robot army. The kind of DARPA (Support Advanced Studies) within the army, navy as well as air force that will also include the monitoring, militarization as well as policing associated with we-the-people through robots…

The actual technological manage system

The technology is within effect switching us in to computer terminals. The power fields generated in the technology like the internet, ‘smart’ techniques, implantations… is developing a ‘collective mind’ and that’s why everything’s linked. It’s a kind of hive thoughts information system that may be hacked as well as controlled.

From the assortment of this information delivered to the main control system, it’s capable of delivering back fake reality reactions accordingly included in the technology-dependent controlling plan.
– Awaken humans you’re for heightened than this particular. It’s inside your spirituality!

The answer
The Archon manage matrix is simply a thoughts parasite not capable of creating. All it may ever perform is duplicate or grab our ideas: This is actually how this operates. To ensure that the technologies hive thoughts control system to operate on us we must go into an agreement by using it. -So the important thing here would be to stop starting an agreement by stopping ourselves from creating the truth the controllers want people from individuals technological mindful and unconscious implants.

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