Powerful iPhone 6s Plus with many premium features

iPhone 6s Plus has not changed in design, but this smartphone has completely changed in design. It is thanks to the powerful configuration of this smartphone that helps iPhone 6s Plus runs many high-end applications

iPhone 6S Plus is equipped by Apple with the new A9 processor, which according to the company is 70% faster than the Apple A8 chip generation, and the graphics performance is also 90% higher than its predecessor. This superior graphics processor, which Apple classifies as a “console-class GPU”, enhances the 3D game experience better with visual effects and a much higher refresh rate than the A8 chip.
The device is also equipped with 2GB of memory, a level of RAM that is not high compared to smartphones running Android. However, the actual testing shows that this level of RAM combined with the new Apple A9 SoC chip is enough for the machine to get high processing speed.

The machine can handle all tasks from basic to advanced or heavy 3D games without any problems. The fingerprint recognition speed of the device is also faster than the iPhone 6 Plus. Thanks to the increased RAM memory of 2GB, the iPhone 6S Plus can use multitasking with many applications or download content-rich websites quickly without the capital shock that has appeared on both iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

The machine’s graphics performance is high and has the highest benchmark score with the 3DMark – Ice Storm Unlimited test compared to other competitors. As for the test to measure multi-core performance with the GeekBench tool, the device scored 4,439, higher than the Note 4, LG G4, and nearly twice as high as the predecessor iPhone 6 Plus, but 715 points lower. compared to Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

The test results have partly shown that the graphics processing ability and overall performance of the iPhone 6S Plus are taken care of by Apple so that the product can handle multitasking, play/edit 4K movies, play 3D games, and process 3D games. handle high-resolution images on this device.
All tests carried out by Test Lab were performed on an upgraded version of iPhone 6S Plus to iOS 9.0.1.

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