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The Beneficial Features Of Banquette Seating

There are many different types of commercial seating that you can utilize in your restaurant, café, or any other commercial business premises. You don’t need to stick to the standard table and chairs, and you don’t have to have uniformity in every piece of furniture. Booth style seating, utilizing banquette seating, allows you to make the most of every inch of space that you have, especially around the edge of the room, and it can be combined with additional seats for the end of the tables.


Banquette seating, with storage space underneath, can also be used to store the linen that you aren’t using, can be made from durable and long-lasting materials, and is available in many different shapes, styles, and designs, therefore ensuring that you can offer attractive and functional seating options to all of your customers and clients. Banquette seating can even prove beneficial for use in break rooms, in the staff kitchen, and is becoming increasingly popular in kitchens and kitchen-diners in the home.

If you are looking to save space, then the key point is to utilize every bit of space that you have within the room or rooms that you are using. Before planning any seating, you should have an accurate plan of the space. Before adding seating and other furniture, consider the route that you and your staff will have to take, as well as the route that your customers will have to walk as well. Allow easy access to the bathrooms, as well as the bar.

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Banquette seating is a beneficial space-saving option because it can be used to create a booth-style arrangement. Whereas you might only have space for two individual chairs, a banquette unit could seat three people in the same space and still offer comfort to all of those that are seated. While you shouldn’t try to cram too many people onto one single banquette, you can encourage a certain number through the placement of table settings and by having somebody escort diners to tables.

Always ensure that you buy good quality commercial or contract for the seat. The furniture in your restaurant or café will endure a lot of use, and this may include people sitting down with wet clothes, and those that treat it rougher than they would treat their own home furniture. Durable materials are essential because they will help ensure that your banquette seating lasts as long as you need it to.

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As well as durability and space, you should also consider the design. First impressions and good looks really do matter on commercial premises. You don’t want to remember it as the restaurant with ugly furniture, or the one with tatty seats. No matter how good the food is, no matter how pleasant the waiting staff is, if the seating does not look good or is uncomfortable, then this is what your clientele will remember, and it is what they will share with others when relaying details of their experience.

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