Instructions on how to play Three Cards at New88

Three Card is a variation of the game Baccarat. The player and the dealer will bet on the number of points, the number of cards and the combination of special cards. The betting method of the 3-card game is very simple and fast-paced, so 3-card is one of the very popular games in newly updated games.
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Rules of the 3-card game

First, to fully understand how to play, let’s take a closer look at how to accumulate points and the basic rules in a 3-card bet:

Game table

Regarding the table, there will be 3 hands among the three cards including Player 1 – Player 2 – Player 3 – and Banker.

You will choose any player (1 – 2 – 3) to compare scores with the dealer. If your cards are higher or have special combinations, you will be the winner.

Each time you bet, if you choose a player, there will be a 4-digit number for you to choose from including: Draw – Lose – Win – Double Card Combination.

If you choose the dealer, you can only choose the Double Card Combination door.

Rules of dealing cards

This 3-card hand is based on a deck of 52 cards (not including ghosts – phang teo – clowns) divided equally into 3 cards once for each hand: player 1 – 2 – 3 and dealer, the division rules are calculated as follows. after.

After shuffling the cards, the Dealer will draw one card and reveal this card. Based on the number of points just opened, it will be counted to see who will be dealt cards first. The counting order is from the dealer’s position in a counter-clockwise direction. When counting, if anyone has the same number of points. On the card will be the person who is dealt first.

To make it simpler, we will detail the rules for dealing cards as follows:

If the first card shown is: A, 5, 9, K Order of dealing cards: Banker -> Player 1 -> Player 2 – Player 3
If the first card is revealed: 2, 6, 10 Order of dealing cards: Player 1 -> Player 2 -> Player 3 -> Banker
If the first cards opened are: 3, 7, j Order of dealing cards: Player 2 -> Player 3 -> Banker -> Player 1
If the first cards are: 4, 8, Q Order of dealing cards: Player 3 -> Banker -> Player 1 -> Player 2

After knowing who will be dealt the cards first, the Dealer will begin to deal the cards counter-clockwise, with 3 cards continuously dealt to each hand.
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Scoring rules

Regarding the very simple way to play, we just need to base on the total score of each player’s three cards to compare the dealer’s score. Whoever has the higher score will win.

How to calculate points:

  • The cards K, Q, J, 10, are counted as 10 points or 0 points. They are similar because when adding three numbers we only take the unit part as the calculation point.
  • Other cards have points corresponding to the face appearing on the card: For example, card 2 is 2 points, card 3 is 3 points…
  • In this lesson, when two points are equal, it will be considered a draw without any basis on whether the score is greater or lesser in quality

Above we have understood the rules and scoring method of the game. Now we will proceed to place bets.

VIDEO of playing 3 cards

Choose a table

After logging in, go to Live casino -> Select HBO or WM Casino lobby -> 3 Cards

As in the example above, select the WM CASINO lobby to play 3 cards on New88.

At the WM CASINO lobby, you choose the 3-card betting table to place a bet.

Place a bet

After choosing the appropriate table, we will start placing bets. First, the Dealer will draw a card and count who will be dealt the card first, based on each person’s total score compared to the dealer, deciding whether you win or lose.

In a game you have the following options:

  • Player 1: Win – Lose – Draw – Double Card Combination
  • Player 2: Win – Lose – Draw – Double Card Combination
  • Player 3: Win – Lose – Draw – Double Card Combination
  • Banker: Double Card Combination.
  • 3 Cards (three cards are J , Q , K cards that do not need to be consecutive)

After you have placed your bet, the Dealer will start dealing the cards counterclockwise, each hand is dealt 3 cards continuously and points are added for comparison. If your bet is correct then you will be the winner.

Pay rewards

If you are the winner, the house will pay the prize according to the prescribed rates and add money to your account.

If you lose, the house will also deduct money corresponding to the amount you bet.

Payout rate in 3-card game

In a three-card game, the payout ratio will usually be as follows:

  • If you choose 1 of the three players to win the dealer -> And as a result you win the payout ratio 1: 0.96 (For example: Player 1’s bet wins the dealer 100k if the result is that player 1 has a higher score The bookmaker will win 96k => Total capital and profit is 196k).
  • If you choose one of the three players who lose to the dealer -> If the player’s chosen score is less than the dealer’s score, you will also be the winner with the same odds as if you played the player who wins against the dealer.
  • If you choose the player’s tie with the dealer => If the result you choose when comparing the points with the dealer is the same, you are the winner with a payout ratio of 1: 8 (Example: You bet 100k on the player’s bet). player 2 and the dealer is tied -> If the score of player 2 and the dealer are equal, you will be the winner and the profit you receive will be 800k)
  • If you choose 3 cards, the odds of winning are 1 to 16.

Example of instructions on how to play three cards on New88

Instructions on how to play three cards on New88 with specific images as follows:

After you follow the steps above to enter the New88 online 3-card table, the betting interface will appear.

Choose the amount you want to bet on the chips (there are types: 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, Set so you can adjust the amount you want to bet for a game as you like): Choose chips 20 thousands.

Continue, you choose which side you want to bet on: Choose Player 2’s betting side: Win with odds of 1 to 0.96.

Click the Confirm button to place a bet (note: place a bet within the betting limit of 24 seconds).

After the time returns 0, the Dealer opens the result: Player 2 bets on Win, winning has a winning ratio of 1:0.96 for a total of 39,200 VND.

If you want to reselect the betting table, select the Change table button.

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