What is Asian Handicap? How to predict Asian odds in detail for you guys

What is Asian Handicap?Surely this is a question many people ask when they first start betting. To have a high chance of winning a bet when closing this bet in matches, you must grasp all the basic information such as betting methods and odds of Asian football handicaps. This information will be specifically shared by New 88 Bookmaker in the following article:

Learn what Asian handicap is?

On reputable soccer betting sites like New88 Bookmaker, Asian handicap is always favored by many betting enthusiasts because it is easy to understand and easy to win. What is Asian Handicap? This bet is also known by bettors as Handicap, Asian Handicap, Handicap… The house will continuously offer Asian odds for you to “lock in” every day, so follow carefully to not miss the bet. How delicious?

The odds are calculated by the Bookmaker’s experts based on the performance, competition history, and human resources of the two participating teams. You can accurately predict the winning ability of both teams to choose a reasonable bet. To play Asian odds, experts must have a long betting experience to have meticulous analysis strategies. Beginners should not choose this bet.

Guide to Asian betting from A – Z for bettors

After understanding what type of Asian handicap is, you will learn how to bet extremely accurately at New88 Bookmaker. At first, when you haven’t played any games, you may find these terms difficult to understand. However, just try a few matches and you will get familiar with it right away. Bookmaker New88 always creates the best conditions, offers favorable bets and specific analysis for players.

Asian handicap betting

In Asian bets, the same ball bet, also known as the tie bet, participants will predict to choose the result of 2 teams equaling the ball 1, 2, 3 or more. If the team you “close the bet” results in is a draw or higher, you will win the bet.

Asian odds 2 draws

During the match, depending on the strength of the two teams, they will be divided into the upper team and the lower team. For example, in a match, if you bet on 2 draws for the upper team, the following cases will occur:

  • The favorite team wins with a score difference of more than 3 goals: bet wins.
  • The favorite team wins with a difference of 2 goals: break even.
  • The upper team has only 1 more goal, draws or loses to the lower team: bet is lost.

The 2-draw bet is quite challenging, players must be sure of the strength of both teams to “close” correctly.

Odds 3/4 (0.75 or half one)

The 3/4 bet, also known as the 0.75 bet, is a half bet in Asian bets that is a bit more difficult to play than other bets. You must be proficient in reading match scores to be able to predict this bet and have a high chance of winning. For example, in two football teams, if you choose the upper bet, you will have the following situations:

  • The higher odds team wins with a score of 2 goals: wins the bet and gets a big reward.
  • The higher-bet team wins with a score of 1 card: an additional reward equal to ½ of the bet.
  • The upper team draws with the lower team: you lose the bet.

Asian handicap analysis 1/2 goal

With this type of ½ Asian handicap, you must determine which team is handicapped and which team is handicapped in the match. The handicap team whose ability is rated higher will handicap half the result with the team whose ability is rated lower. Suppose in the match you take the handicap team, there will be the following cases:

  • Handicap team wins with any score: bet wins.
  • The handicap team draws or loses: bet is lost.

Other 1.5, 2.5, 3.5 handicaps in Asian handicaps can all apply this half-left handicap.

Asian handicap betting 1

Similar to betting on 2 draws, when you choose to bet 1 on the upper team, the following 3 cases will also occur:

  • The higher odds team wins with a score of 2 goals or more: bet wins.
  • The higher odds team wins with a score of 1 goal: break even.
  • The upper bet team draws or loses the lower bet: bet is lost.

Tips for closing Asian odds with a chance to win big

Asian Handicap is applied in most matches at New88 Bookmaker. To increase your chances of winning, you should pocket the following tips for “closing” good bets from experts:

Accurately predict the ability of 2 teams

In a match, the strength of two teams is rarely similar, Bookmaker New88 will provide analysis to offer attractive Asian odds. You should not only rely on the odds offered by the house but also consider them yourself. Every day, I will look at today’s Asian odds to choose the appropriate bet.

In case the handicap is reduced, you should choose the weaker team to have a high chance of winning. New Asian handicap players, whether handicapping half a ball, 1 ball, 2 balls… should still choose the lower bet to be safer.
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Choose a suitable Asian handicap

The best Asian odds are two teams with equal strength, not too much difference, both sides trying their best to win but the score is not fixed. In particular, evenly matched battles are also much more attractive, creating excitement for bettors when watching.

Stable betting budget

When deciding to engage in soccer betting, you must have stable finances and know how to balance each match. Asian handicap has a high probability of winning, but if mistakes are made when betting, bettors can also lose heavily. Don’t be too aggressive which leads to wrong closing decisions!

With information What is Asian handicap?, the way to predict Asian handicaps is listed from A – Z above by New88 Bookmaker, you can rest assured to participate and win bets. A series of interesting information about sports betting games and online card games will be provided by New88 Continuous updates to players in the next issues!

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