Books to Help IELTS Jakarta Course

To get the highest score you can take the IELTS Jakarta Course, to prepare for your English language skills. You also need a competent book to make learning easier. Here is a book that you can use to help prepare for your IELTS course.

Improve your IELTS Writing (Macmillan)

This book is suitable for those of you who want to improve your writing skills. This book contains a variety of different writing styles that you can use to improve your IELTS writing score. It contains many examples of essay questions. You can practice writing an essay and ask your teacher or mentor for an assessment or examination.

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IELTS Introduction (Macmillan)

For those of you who still have weak basic English skills, for example, you still get an IELTS score between 4-5, you can use this book as a reference for your study. This book contains simple grammar and vocabulary lessons that can serve to improve your skills to a more complex level.

IELTS Foundation (Macmillan)

If you have mastered the IELTS Foundation, you can move on to this book. This book has many editions and covers a wide range of topics, grammar, and vocabulary. The advantage of this book is that it explains difficult grammar. With this book, you can master grammar more thoroughly and in-depth.

Speaking for IELTS (Collins)

Are you still weak in pronunciation? this book can help you in the IELTS Jakarta course. This book is equipped with a CD containing IELTS questions and answer keys. You can learn pronunciation and learn to do IELTS questions too.

Objective IELTS Intermediate (Cambridge)

This book contains the strategies and skills you will need to score high on the IELTS test. Studying this book, as well as practicing working on the questions can allow you to get the maximum score. This book covers grammar very well. The weakness of this book is the lack of explanation in writing.

Barron’s IELTS Strategies and Tips

This book offers you a variety of strategies to choose the best method for answering questions. There are also tips that you can use for a quick, precise, and efficient choice. There are practice questions on Listening, Writing, Reading, and Speaking that you can do. This book comes with a CD and contains answers to the test questions.

The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS

This book will help you get the most out of your IELTS course. There are eight official IELTS tests that provide multiple practice exams. There is an answer key that provides an explanation and helps increase the score. Suitable for those of you who want to measure how much English is mastered and needs development.

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