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Warnings About Affiliate Earnings Model

Affiliate marketing is an online earnings model that allows us to do e-commerce without the need to own a product. Although there are millions of people in the world who apply this earnings model, this earnings model is known by very few people in our country.

My aim is to explain this earnings model to people through this article and all the articles I will write in the future. I am assertive about this because I am well-versed in the subject. For 5 years, I have been regularly improving myself in online marketing, sales, and earnings models.

I have a piece of great knowledge and experience in this field. Therefore, I would appreciate it if you read the article more carefully. =)

When I browse Turkish sites that try to explain something about the affiliate earnings model, I see the following expressions:

“Start affiliate marketing and earn thousands of dollars in a short time.”

“You can easily make money online by affiliate marketing.”

I always come across statements saying that it is easy to earn money from this job.

When I see such statements, I understand that these people do not have enough experience in affiliate marketing and they do not make proper money from this business.

Because if he was an expert on the subject, he would know that it is not easy to make money from this business. Therefore, if you are going to enter these jobs with the desire to make easy money, do not go into it for nothing.

This industry is a profession on its own, and just like every other business, it is not easy to earn money in this profession. This profession also requires effort, time and investment.

I Reveal The Secrets Of Success In Affiliate Business!

The first rule of success in this business is to be hungry for knowledge. You probably don’t know much about setting up blogs with quality content, online sales, and marketing right now. And you don’t know how to sell online.

You cannot do this job without having knowledge about these subjects. You should give yourself time to improve yourself in this regard.

Besides, I want to warn you about a fatal mistake that novice affiliates make:

Let’s say you reached a certain level and started affiliate marketing. You have selected a product to promote and set up your First blog to promote this product.

You will add promotional articles to this blog. You copied the text on the sales page of the product and placed it in your blog. Because it came easy. Why would you write an introduction from scratch?

It’s already written.

You tried to do business without any effort. Sorry, it won’t work. More on this topic can be found at Isaimini blog.

You tried to do business in an easy way, you did research on the subject of the product and then you were lazy to write original content that promotes the product. And your affiliate career is over before it even started.

The most important rule of success in this business:


Because when you copy the content from another site to your own site, the Google search engine notices this and lowers the block in the search results. Maybe even remove your block from search engine results altogether.

How can you attract visitors to your blog through Google in this way?

That I will do business in an easy way;

You’ve eliminated this source of free visitors that will make you the most money. The secret to earning a regular income from this business is the free traffic you will get from Google. If you get penalized for duplicate content and lose this traffic source, you’re screwing yourself in the heel.

And you can never make a steady income from this business.

Let’s say you decide to write original content. You will promote the product you have chosen with original promotional articles written by you.

So, is it enough to just write original content to earn money from this business?


Just writing original content is not enough. In addition, the content you prepare must be of high quality. Content that does not provide quality information to the reader with fluent sentences, even if it is original, has no value.

The goal should always be to provide the reader with articles that they can enjoy, want to read, and benefit from our knowledge.

  • If a text is not fluent,
  • If it is written in an amateur style,
  • If it does not comply with the literary rules,
  • If it does not provide quality information,
  • If it’s not immersive,
  • If it was written just to be written,

Why should the reader read this article?

Since he will not read the blog posts you have prepared, he will not have the opportunity to see the product you are promoting in the blog. Therefore, your dream of making money from affiliate marketing remains for another spring. =)

For this reason, you should do detailed research before sharing content on your blog that you have prepared for product promotion. You should develop your knowledge about the subject of the product you are promoting, and write your articles in a language that has a command of the subject.

In order for the reader to trust the products you promote in the blog, you must first provide accurate and satisfying information.

You should give people new information about the subject of the product and make them feel like you are an expert in this business.

If they feel this way, they will value your product recommendations and buy the products you promote. And by earning commissions per sale, you’re making a profit out of this business.

If we summarize what we have said;

  • Prepare original content!
  • Prepare quality content!
  • Master the subject you are talking about!
  • Use a fluent style!
  • Make you feel like you’re an expert on the subject!
  • Earn commission per sale by referring to the product you are promoting!

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